Old Games (1989-2005)

I sometimes get e-mails from people, asking me where to find the old freeware games that I created during the period of 1989-2005. So, I decided to host them here.

Blue Lady (2005?)

Download 'De Blauwe Dame' / 'The Blue Lady'. Adventure game. Dual Language. Platform: Windows.

Pumpkins (2003?)

Download Game Pack. Some of my most well known games that have appeared on freeware discs in 2000. Includes: 3D Pumpkins (haloween bomberman style game), Clowns, Flying Turkeys and Locks & Keys.

Cooldog (2002)

Download CoolDog Cooldog, platform/action game. Platform: Windows.

Midnite Motel (2001)

Midnite Motel Platform/adventure game. Platform: Windows. Source Code (GM3).

Pac-Z (1998)

Pac-Z Pacman clone written in x86 ASM around 1998, based on some asm macro libraries that I wrote myself in 1996 to learn ASM. Includes source. Platform: DOS. On modern hardware: do not enable music (music file is lost), if you get a black screen after startup, press 'q'.

Eerste level

C64 stuff (1989-1995)

C64 games and apps. Some old C64 hobby stuff. Not really useable for anyone I guess. Platform: Commodore 64. Seems to work on Vice. Includes my personal little micro assembler hobby project, a basic text editor, a pixel editor and some levels from a BASIC-game 'Lock Land'. Unfortunately 90% of the other stuff was damaged due to degradation of old floppy disks.

C64 schermafbeelding 2