Citrine Roadmap

Planned for 2025:



2024 Citrine 0.9.6 - South Park

2023 Citrine 0.9.5 - Sorghvliet

2022 Citrine 0.9.4 - Koekamp

2021 Citrine 0.9.3 - Solleveld

2020 Citrine 0.9.2 - Wapendal

2019 Citrine 0.9.1 - Van Leydenhof

2016 Citrine 0.7


Around 2009/2010 I started a project called PenelopePHP. The purpose of this project was to make PHP code more readable by adding wrapper objects. The project tried to turn PHP into a Smalltalk-like programming language. In 2012 I decided to make the project more generic, rewriting it as a classic interpreter in C. Because of the JavaScript hype, I did another rewrite to turn the system into a JavaScript transpiler. Those projects were called DinkyScript. In 2014/2015 I decided to plan a major rewrite of the system again in C using an AST-parser instead of a classic parser. In 2016 I released the first official version of Citrine.


The inspiration for the Citrine Programming Language comes from Smalltalk (message-based, pure object oriented programming), JavaScript (prototypal inheritance), and BASIC (dynamic scope). The name Citrine refers to the yellow coloured gem and honours the short lived tradition to name programming languages after shiny minerals like Pe(a)rl and Ruby.


News Archive

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0.9.4 Koekamp
0.9.3 Solleveld
0.9.2 Wapendal
0.9.1 Van Leydenhof
Citrine 0.8
Citrine 0.7
Citrine 0.6


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