Citrine Editor and Demos Hi , my name is Gabor de Mooij, I am a freelance software developer from the Netherlands.

I have been coding since 1989, starting on the commodore 64 of my dad. When I was 13 years old, I created a little program to replace the BASIC tokens in memory using features from the KCS power cardridge, this was my first attempt at creating a localized programming language. I am still busy with that project today, it's called Citrine :-)

I love to write code, especially in C and ASM.

C-developer, Assembler, Python.

Consulting, Programming, Research, Reverse Engineering.

Feel free to contact me:
+31 641 138 161
gabordemooij at gaborsoftware dot nl
I love old/legacy systems btw.

Old Games 1989-2008
Are you looking for my old freeware games like Midnite Motel? You can find them here.