Credits & Special Thanks

Aavesh Jilani (Hindi/Marathi Support),
Roman Litwinow (Russian Support),
JadedCtrl (Haiku Support),
John Calistro (Brazil-Portugese Support),
Tirifto (Czech Support),
Tulenov Temur (Uzbek Support)
Jan Wicijowski (Polish Support),
Twiggler (Windows Support),
Jake Russo (Plugins, CURL Lib Support),
DennisCGc (Bug fixes & improvements),
Takano32 (Various),
Leonora Tindall (Bug fixes & improvements),
Janus (Bug fixes & improvements),
Shinriyo (MacOSX Support),
Bernadette Peeters (English language support),
Georgel Preput (Romanian Support),
Lina Dapkute (Lithuanian Support),
Mario Périard (French language support, regional homepage),
Muhammad Alvaro Syawal Siregar (Indonesian language support)
& Marianne (Editor, Language Consultant).

CC0 Licensed demo assets from

SIL Licensed Font pictograms from FontAwesome Project (SIL OFL 1.1) by Dave Gandy - FontAwesome License (as retrieved from on Jan 22 2021).

3rd Party Components

SipHash (Marek Majkowski; Licensed MIT), CCGI (Stephen C. Losen; Licensed LGPL), Font Awesome (Licensed SIL OFL 1.1). InnoSetup by JRSoftware Copyright (C) 1997-2023 Jordan Russell. All rights reserved. Portions Copyright (C) 2000-2023 Martijn Laan. All rights reserved. (Inno Setup License) In addition, the website and some demos may contains assets from the Open Icon Library licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License, MIT License, BSD License and Public Domain. These assets carry their own licenses and are not covered by the Citrine BSD License.

The Citrine BSD License only covers the source code of the Citrine Project (and the binary files that can be generated from them).

Aforementioned copyright holders of 3rd party assets and/or artwork do not endorse the Citrine Project in any way. If there is a license/attribution problem please note that this is not on purpose. If you find anything wrong with the usage or licensing of materials anywhere in the Citrine Project please contact me immediately so I can take appropriate action.


Citrine itself is fully open source and free (BSD License). You can use Citrine for whatever you want, in any way you like, even in commercial projects.